If you're a new facilitator, there is a lot of information to take in. Check that you've covered everything using the checklist below.

  1. Have you registered as a facilitator?
    You might have completed a MyTime facilitator registration form, or provided the information to your coordinator in another way.
  2. Have you completed the Facilitator Orientation level one?
    Find all facilitator orientations in the Knowledge Bank of this website. You should complete level one before facilitating your first session.
  3. Have you familiarised yourself with the MyTime administration processes and forms?
    Find all the administration forms, as well as facilitator guides to help you use them and parent FAQ sheets, in the Toolkit section of this website.
  4. Do you have a plan with your coordinator for checking in and providing data?
    It's up to you and your coordinator to work out how often you will process member registrations and session data, and whether you will have regular meetings or not. It's a good idea to try and have a chat to your coordinator at least once a month, to raise any issues or concerns, and so they can pass on information important to your role.
  5. Have you created a group pack?
    We recommend you create a kit you can take to each group session, with a few member registration forms, a copy of the Member Registration FAQs, some flyers, a copy of the attendance list, and any tip sheets you think might be helpful to use in the group.
  6. Is the group information listed on the website current?
    Check the group list of the MyTime website to make sure the information listed there is correct.