So much new content!

We've been so busy at MyTime HQ, and he have a whole lot of new resources to share with you.

  • In promotion tips, you'll find help for using social media to promote your group.
  • In practitioner support, we've shared your tips on finding training and information, what works well in groups, and using volunteers and fundraising.
  • The guide has been updated to include information on closed social media groups, guests, and older children.
  • We've added new promotional materials, including an a-frame/poster template, and a term planner.

If you think we missed anything, let us know. Our suggestion box is open to any partners, for anything. We use your suggestions to help us come up with ways to support you, so if you have a question, idea, or problem, we want to hear about it.

Are you going blue for autism?

One of our fantastic Partner Agencies contacted us to ask whether we could help them 'go blue for autism', and we were happy to help by supplying a special, limited edition blue MyTime logo.

If you're thinking of doing something to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day (April 2), feel free to use this logo to promote your activities in your community!

Just right click to save

Just right click to save

If you would like support for a special event, let us know! We can help with artwork, quotes, or stats for most activities.

Simply pop a suggestion in the suggestion box (scroll down to the bottom of the page for a link)

Big Facebook success

You might have seen that we promoted a post on Facebook during February, inviting people to join MyTime. We targeted the post to Facebook users who weren't fans of MyTime, but whose profiles indicated it might be relevant to them.

We thought it would be a good way to let some people know about MyTime, and that we would see a few more people engaging with the program. What we got was quite a bit more than that.

Over 111,000 people saw the post in their newsfeed, 1,578 people liked it, and 725 people shared it with their friends. We also got a massive 330 comments (which kept us pretty busy!), and 1,516 people following the link to find out more about MyTime.

We're looking forward to seeing how this sort of activity helps drive new members to your groups. We use our Facebook page to promote MyTime, but also to share links, information and resources that members and facilitators can all use in their groups. Head to the page to check it out.

New resource alert!

Thanks to the amazing team in SA, we have a new resource for play helpers. This form provides an easy way to collect all the important information about children in one place - details about their condition, important behavioural considerations, and health plans.

The form was originally developed by play helpers in SA, and has been adapted slightly to work for all group play helpers.

You can find the form here, or in the toolkit section.

Website survey feedback

Thanks again to everyone who took our website survey earlier this year. We wanted to share with you some of the findings, which we will be using to develop our practice support next year.


How are you communicating?

  • Most partners talk to their coordinators a few times a month or more, and to the PRC once a month or less
  • One third of all facilitators never get a chance to speak to other facilitators


How are you finding and sharing information?

  • The two most researched topics are local services and background on session topics (eg. toilet training, transitions). Information you can pass on to members is more researched than information on facilitation skills or support.
  • Most partners use familiar websites (like or MyTime Partners Area) as their first source of information
    • Over half of you use social media to find information


What are you doing in groups?

  • 95% of you said parent information sheets or tip sheets are the most helpful resource in groups.
  • About half of all groups run games or activities in group sessions.


What do you think of your role?

  • You told us you are best at creating a positive group environment, and researching topics
  • You could use some support on coming up with group session ideas, and working with specific disabilities.


How are you promoting MyTime?

  • All partners do some promoting, and 96% share the task with others
  • Most of you have tried promoting by building relationships with services, using official MyTime flyers or posters, using templates to make customised flyers or posters, making your own flyers, and setting up booths at local events
    • The most effective type of promotion is word of mouth, with over half of you saying a referral from a service is the best encouragement for new member

Results are in!

The website survey has now closed. The response was fantastic, and a big thanks to all the partners who took the time to fill in the survey.

We are going through all the information we collected now, and we're excited to share the results with you once they're ready. Look out for some first impressions in the next Partners Update, due out towards the end of this month.

A new Partners Area already?

On the 1 July, we launched our new MyTime website, with a Resource Library to replace the old MyTime HQ. We kind of knew we would have to move it to a bigger website at some point, but we thought we would have plenty of time.

The only problem is - we've already outgrown it! Between all the great suggestions, the resources you've shared, and our work simplifying paperwork and processes, we've run out of places to put everything.

So the new Partners Area has been bumped up the list, and here it is. You will find everything you need here, as well as lots more to discover. If you see something missing, make sure you let us know via the suggestion box.