New group basics

Start by letting local services know that you have a new MyTime group:

  • Your local council local
  • Kindergartens, childcare centres, pre-schools, primary schools, and special schools
  • Maternal & child health centres
  • GPs
  • Family support groups any other groups that you know will be interested
  • Federal or state initiatives such as Best Start (Vic).

Write a letter or drop brochures at the organisation's reception. Ask if they have a newsletter you can put a note in or a noticeboard where you can pin some posters. Ask your local council if they know of any extra places to promote the group. 

An easy way to promote your new group is on your organisation's website. Depending on how much space you have to promote it, you can let people know what MyTime is about, who it's for, contact details for interested parents/carers and professionals, and a link to the MyTime website for more information.