How is reflective practice relevant to my role?

MyTime sessions are often planned a term in advance with the members of the group, but lots of things can change for members during the course of the term – group dynamics and family-specific issues change, activities may no longer suit, or new members join with different priorities. Facilitators need to be able to regularly check in with members to make sure the group is relevant and meeting their needs.

Reflective practice is a tool to think about how the session went and to problem-solve when you come up against a difficulty.

Being able to think about what happened (good and not so good) and write a bit of a plan of how the group could do it differently next time, assists you to plan and to talk to the group about the sessions.

If you work largely independently, or in a rural and remote location, you may find this article by Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health to be of value: