Why is self-care important for facilitators?

Not all parents are the same, and they will respond in different ways to offers of support. Some responses may be challenging and you may feel stretched to the limit. By looking after your own self-care, you will be better able to effectively support MyTime parents and bounce back after a rough day.

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Signs to look out for

Burn-out, compassion fatigue or secondary traumatic stress can all impact practitioners at one time or another. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities, have had trouble organising your time, or have noticed your thoughts and feelings about the parents in your group are becoming overly negative and critical, it might be time to work on your self-care.

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Tips for practitioner self-care

Just like with parents, taking care of yourself as a practitioner involves a focus on your physical, emotional, psychological, relational, spiritual and creative needs.

ReachOut has a great tool to help you get started on your self-care. You can first assess where you’re at with your self-care and what gaps you may need to fill, and then develop your own personal self-care plan. Read more...